Music Teacher giving music lessons to elementary age children with Music Duo Pro.

Help your students reach their full musical potential with Music Duo Pro!

Music Duo Pro is a highly sequenced music curriculum for elementary-age children in a brand-new format of quality music lessons. Ms. Davis has a prolific background in teaching music with certified Orff and Kodály training and brings engaging and fun activities to take music education to a whole new level.

Music Duo consists of five levels of instruction: Apprentice 1, 2, 3, Pre-Maestro, and Maestro 1. Each level is a 35-week long curriculum.  All Apprentice levels have 2 shorter lessons per week to accommodate younger grades and the Maestro levels have one longer lesson per week. Each level has accompanying videos to be used by teachers to help teach the students the curriculum.  Every video features Linda Davis but is intended to be used side by side with the in-person teacher, not replacing him or her.

Let Music Duo Pro help you be the most effective teacher for your students.

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Your subscription will provide the following:

  • Detailed lesson plans with assessment and teacher notes
  • Long-range lesson plans
  • 35 weeks of full length music class videos with activities
  • Agenda page for students to view prior to starting each lesson
  • Materials list posted daily for each lesson
  • Text on every song to encourage reading
  • Optional vocal explorations available
  • Google Drive games and activities
  • And more!
Second grade music lesson songs and game

Agenda page for class to view at beginning of period


Start using Music Duo Pro with your students today!

Benefits of Teaching with Music Duo Pro


Online third grade music lesson teaching singing

Every song has text for children to read while singing along.

With Music Duo Pro, educators are encouraged to teach right alongside the video, but it can also give them the freedom to move around the room. Therefore, the teachers can:

  • Give more individualized help
  • Provide required student accommodations
  • Provide cross-curricular support with reading - text for EVERY song!
  • Have better classroom management without interrupting the lessons
  • Increase student learning because of less interruptions or stoppages
  • Have extra time to take care of any remaining tasks (get supplies, sanitize instruments, etc.)
  • And last, but not least:
  • Substitute teachers will present your lessons and your students won't miss a beat!

Music Duo Pro meets or exceeds National Standards in:






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