Music Duo Methodology

The two most common teaching methods in elementary music education are Orff Schulwerk and Kodály.

The Orff Approach

The Orff Approach is a set of fundamentals created by German composer Carl Orff in the 1920s. The approach follows the way a child naturally learns, similar to how children learn their first language. Children start with imitation and progress through experimentation and creativity.

The Kodály Concept

The Kodály method was developed in the mid 1900s by Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist Zoltán Kodály. The method uses a sequence-based approach to introduce skills at the level of the child, including rhythm, solfege, and notation. Everyone has a natural instrument, the voice; therefore learning comes through singing, and folksongs are the heart of the curriculum.

Ms. Davis has been trained and certified in both philosophies and has combined the best of both to create the ideal lessons for students.

Music Duo Folksongs Image

Music Duo uses folksongs, and each one is not only chosen to learn and build on musical concepts, but also to bring joy in singing.

Folksongs in their perfectly filtered, unmistakably true, irresistibly life-like way of expression can only be compared to works of art of the highest degree.  – Zoltán Kodály

Music Duo Singing Image

Singing (without accompaniment) – You might notice that there isn’t any piano or guitar accompaniment with all the singing in these lessons. That’s to allow children to hear themselves sing, improving their ear training skills.

Music Duo Movement Image

Movement – It’s important for children to express themselves through creative movement, whether moving through space or just being creative by showing a steady beat. Scarves or streamers take the fun up to a whole new level! Movement is a part of every lesson.

Music Duo Instruments Image

Instruments – While it’s important not to rely on instruments for staying in tune, they are still a vital part of the music classroom.  Percussion instruments are easy to play, and they are typically the most accessible to elementary students. They teach important skills, such as listening and playing together!

Music Duo Improvisation Image

Improvisation – Who doesn’t like to make stuff up? Children can create silly verses, rhythms, and melodies, either through singing, playing, or composing.

Music Duo Games Image

Games – Music is meant to be fun! What better way to make something fun than to make a game out of it? The purpose of most Music Duo games is to repeat the song multiple times and in a fun way! Children will not realize how many times they are singing a particular song because they are so focused on playing a game. Children will be delighted when they discover that Music Duo has many games included!